Judy Bailey Do It Again cover

Do It Again

Sep 22, 2004

Do It Again Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Lately I've been living
Did a check on my heart and I can feel it beating now
Never had the attention
Never thought anyone would give up all their time
Never thought I could hold the interest of someone like You
Never thought anyone could satisfy or please me like You do
Do it again do it again
Not many people look deeper
Or have the desire the patience the tools to dig down anyway
Not many get to see the real me and still want to know
Not many would tolerate my swings or mind my moods
I've had imitations
I've had a few good tries
Had a few good intentions but few came true
Few came through
Only You only You only You only You
I love the way You love me
Please don't stop now
I love the way You love me now
I could get used to this
To just having You near me
To having Your arms wrapped around me
Just being there
Feel Your breath on my cheek Your gaze on my face
And all the while You make me smile
With the words that You whisper in my ear
It's plain to tell You know me well
You say the things that I love to hear
Calm into my turbulence and bringing hope to my despair
Comfort to my restlessness and reassurance to my fear
Do it again do it again
Feels nice oh feels nice
It's gotta be love love
It feels nice oh feels nice
I love the way You're i love the way You're
I love the way you're mine
I love the way you're I love the way You're mine
How You hold me how You touch me
How You reach me thrill me meet me
Heal me fill me deep down inside
Do it do it do it again

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