Slow Jam cover
Slow Jam cover

Slow Jam Lyrics Meanings
by Junebug Slim, Jay Tee, MC Magic, Zig Zag


Slow Jam Lyrics

Hey MR DJ can you play another slow jam
Play it for my baby
Hey MR DJ what up DJ
In case you didn't know you're boy Junes the playa
I like club hits but a slow jams major
To get my lady movin in that special way
To make up for the times that I've been gone away
either out with my folks or on the road
Doin some time or doin a show
That slow jam always brought us closer together
somehow some way
Just made things better
So listen up girl when you sittin alone
Hit your local DJ and request that song
It reminds you of me when I'm not around
Your boy got love and I'm always down
I know you gonna kick it when we all alone
You turnin off my 2 way on my cellular phone
You want me for yourself and I understand
But I always can't be there so here's a slow jam

(Chorus) play another song for me turn it up
Because I love my baby my baby x2
I'm at the club VIP takin it light
I've been doin my girl wrong
But now I'm makin it right
The last couple months
I ain't there to kiss her
So I'm tryin to make it up
To let her know that I miss her
My lifestyle when I sick rugged and rough
I call when I can but still its never enough
You up all night waitin on my call
While I'm in the streets tryin to ball
I know its hard to take all I've done
So order you a shot hun that 1-5-1
Kickin back chillin by candlelight
Everythings alright you with you're man tonight
Id do this everyday if I had the chance
Gonna kill that glass girl its time to dance
that krunk beat is cool fo sho it pounds
But dj could you please slow it down

(chorus)play another song for me turn it up
because I love my baby my baby x2
What can I say dj you had me on the first song
I heard it I knew it this is for the one
That would change my life forever
And how I see it and live it
My hearts beatin when I'm holdin you
Close and we're dancin to the slow tune
Rockin the room I was blessed to be in
Your presence my angel from the heavens above
who would save my life and didn't even know it these words from this love song couldnt compare to the things I want to tell you and show you live imma ride for you, hey dj, you agree to my mind when you play this song that reminds me of her
Now I know what heavens reali like
It was you that I needed in my life to
Complete the missing piece of my puzzle
And now I want the world to know how much
I love you
Play another song for me turn it up because I love my baby my baby x2

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