The Gingerbread Man
The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man Lyrics Meanings
by junitoni

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The Gingerbread Man Lyrics

JunyTony Story Musical,
The Gingerbread Man,
shall we start?

It was the day before Christmas.
Juny and Tony were
baking some gingerbread men
for Santa Claus.
Into the oven now...
They look so yummy!
Juny decorated the gingerbread man
with some chocolate and cream.
She drew little eyes, a mouth,
and clothes on him.
Hmm, I think something's missing.
That's it! Candy buttons!
How does he look, Tony?
Hey, he needs some hair.
Give it to me!
Tony, you're gonna ruin him.
No, I will make him look better.
No! Don't do that!
Give it to me!

While arguing with each other,
they knocked over
a ginger powder bottle.

When Juny sneezed,
magic popped out of her wand.
And whoosh!
It went into
one of the gingerbread men!

Uh? I can move!
I can speak, too!
Look, Juny!
The gingerbread man is running away!
Uh, stop!

Run and run and run away,
run and run and run.
I'm the running gingerbread man!
Run, Juny, Tony!
Run, run, puppy!
I am the gingerbread man!

Run and run
and run away,
run and run and run.
I'm the running gingerbread man!

Run, run, chicken!
Run, run, goat!
I am the gingerbread man!

Run and run and run away,
run and run and run.
I'm the running gingerbread man!
You can never catch me,
you can never eat me.
I am the gingerbread man!

La la la la la
La la la la la
I'm the running gingerbread man.
Catch me if you can!

The gingerbread man got to the river.
What should I do? I can't swim.
Do you need help?
I'm very good at swimming.
I can take you
to the other side of the river.

The gingerbread man
thought for a while,
and then, jump!
He hopped on to the fox.
The fox swam to the middle of the river.
Ha ha!
I said you could not catch me!
The water was coming up
to the fox's back.
Hey, gingerbread man,
the river is getting deeper.
Move up to my head!
Ah, okay!

However, the water came up higher
to the fox's head.
Hey, move up to my nose.
You will be safe!
The gingerbread man trusted the fox,
so he got on the fox's nose.

'Hee hee, poor little gingerbread man.
I'm gonna eat you up.'
The fox tipped his head,
so the gingerbread man
flew into the air.
Just before he fell into the fox's mouth,
a crow caught him.
Oh no! Come back!
The crow held the gingerbread man
in his beak.
He flew higher and higher.
'I can't die here!'
The gingerbread man came up
with an idea.
Tell me, crow.
Do crows eat gingerbread men?
Of course. Ah!
When the crow opened
his mouth to answer,
he dropped the gingerbread man.
The gingerbread man fell down
and down, and fainted.

A little while later,
when the gingerbread man
opened his eyes, he was surprised.
Juny and Tony were looking down at him.

He woke up.
Are you okay?
Uh? I came back!
What happened to me?

Ho ho ho! Are you okay?
You look fine. Lucky for you!
It was Santa Claus!

Here's what happened.
The gingerbread man fell
from the crow's beak
on to the top of Santa Claus's sack.
What a surprise!
I never thought that
a gingerbread man would fall
from the sky. Ho ho ho!
We were surprised, too!
Our present for Santa
suddenly came to life, ran away, and
came back together with Santa.
Look, I'm not just a cookie!
I can move fast,
and I'm gonna travel
all around the world.
I am the most special
gingerbread man ever.
Ho ho ho!
Don't worry, gingerbread man.
I'm not gonna eat you.
I want you to do me a favor.
You said you could move fast.
So I think you can help me
take presents to kids this Christmas.
I will be very happy if you help me.
Sounds great, gingerbread man!
You can do it!
O, okay!
Great! Shall we go now?
Ho ho ho!

On the night of Christmas Eve,
when you're asleep,
the little gingerbread man
comes into your house.
He puts a gift for you from his pack
into your stocking,
hanging on the wall.

A pretty gift
La la la la la la
A wonderful gift
La la la la la la
A lovely gift
La la la la la la
An awesome gift
La la la la

Leaving his footprints
on the white snow,
the little gingerbread man
comes into your house.
He puts a gift for you
under the tree.
And says, Happy Christmas!
on the reindeer sleigh.

Juny, Tony
La la la la la la
Santa Claus
La la la la la la
Gingerbread man
La la la la la la
Merry Christmas
La la la la

From that day forward,
the gingerbread man
has been helping Santa Claus.
Oh, you want to see him?
I'm sorry.
You will never be able to,
because he is
the fastest gingerbread man ever.

JunyTony Story Musical
See you again!

Writer(s): kijeukaeseul
Copyright(s): Lyrics © CONSALAD CO., Ltd.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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