Sikk Wittid (Intro)

Sikk Wittid (Intro) Lyrics Meanings
by Juno


Sikk Wittid (Intro) Lyrics

Yeah, imma win, I'm so dialed in
While in every verse, whilin'
Cause I'm wild in the booth and hostile when
They tellin' me to kill all of the violence

But I'm a producer so how could I do that?
You're better off tryin' to get Adele to lose fat
Yea how true's that? you dudes whack
Like I used that huge bat through rap to smack

You, don't even try me
I'm a demon feignin' for beefin' I be
The reason Rihanna was leavin', I mean
I'm beatin' y'all like the beat when I speak

The only thing on my conscience is con science
I was a pawn quiet, but now I cause riots
A strong lion in rap, I don't lie on my shit
Fly beyond pilots, he's grinded long tryin'

To get in the game spittin' non-stop keepin' hate
Hidden from him, givin' his all seekin' fame
He's in the kitchen like women so he can say
He's got the clearest vision cuz he sees the day

Yea I make raps to make stacks and give philly fame
I ain't have to fake that makes rap really lame
Spittin' straight facts cause them gay facts pretty strange
Way back I would lay flat and dream of spittin' flames
Six years later, and nothin's really changed
Made at twelve when I made my first rap, it became

My life, and I still grind just as hard today
And kill time with ill rhymes, I ain't that far away

From success, and I'm going to succeed
Like a sluts head, unless I end up dead from beef
What I just said is a promise not just speech
I know I'm up next, no one can keep it from me

So I'm movin' quickly, I can't afford to slack
I'm choosin' business, goin' fast towards the cash
Confusin' busyness with business more the last
Month, usin' every day so I can soar in rap

You never see me floss, cuz you can't see my flaws
I'm too clever keep me off the beat, I be why jaws
Drop whenever the beat falls, like elderly guys balls
All this pressure keeps me raw, spittin' heat I draw

As I be syncin' up with the flow, they be sinkin'
Sikk wittid, I keep thinking sharp, like cleats, inkin'

All my thoughts and everything I've ever been through
From the better shit, to feeling severed in two

And we just in the beginning, like my first mixtape
I do whatever it takes, tryna get my shit straight

Like an old dude, taking viagra
Makin' bold moves droppin' shit as hot as magma
And i've told you I won't fall like Niagra
I control you, like I'm holdin' a magnum
Making bold moves droppin' shit as hot as magma
And I've told you I won't fall like Niagra

Writer(s): Ryan Lomonaco
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Sikk Wittid (Intro) Meanings

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