Juvenile, Jr. Reid, Bun B, Webbie Pop It 4 Pimp cover

Pop It 4 Pimp
by Juvenile, Jr. Reid, Bun B & Webbie

Pop It 4 Pimp Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Shake it like you mean it [Repeat x2]
Shake it like you mean it girl,
Shake it like you mean it [Repeat x3]
Shake it like you mean it girl,
Shake it like you mean it
Verse 0
All my H Town women gon' pop it 4 pimp
All my Baton Rouge women gon' pop it 4 pimp
All my ATL women gon' pop it 4 pimp
All my Birmingham woman gone pop it 4 pimp
Verse 2
Pop it for pimp (go) [Repeat x8]
Verse 3
[Verse 1: Bun B]
Now all my ladies to the dance flo'
It's time to do yo thang
You see the piece of chain
You see the pinky rang
Now this one ain't a joke
And this one ain't a game
You got to twurk for my baby brother
Now show no shame
You already know who you came for and why you came
And why you comin', you hear the 8 o 8 drummin'
Let a hata' hate woman, that's what they gon' do
Now pop it for the pimp you see a trill nigga want you
But you gotta be down to fuck with me and my round
You ain't gon' pop it for the pimp, bitch get yo ass out of town
You got to take it off and let me see it, with no delay (with no delay)
And so if you miss the pimp let me hear you say
Come on
Verse 4
Pop it for pimp (go) [Repeat x8]
Verse 5
[Verse 2: Juvenile]
I love the way you work the pole yea
You cold yea
Make a niggas spend is doe yea
You pro yea
I ain't finish I got more yea
To throw yea
You a fire and you know yea
It show yea
You gon' pop it 4 my nigga P-I, M-P
Cause he out there with my nigga B-I, and P-A-C
Streets fuck with you and I can see why, you a G
You could pop a girl but after this, its you and me
It don't matta' if you got a day job or a strippa'
Shake it like you mean it bitch i'm a good tippa'
Its been a minute damn you done got thicka'
And that ass look betta' when a nigga on liquor
Verse 6
Pop it for pimp (x8)
Whoa whoa whoa
Verse 7
Pop it for pimp (go) [Repeat x8]
Verse 8
[Verse 3: Webbie]
GO! Keep it trill show them hairy asshole
All the real bad bitches get down on the flo'
If you gon' do it good I throw a lil' dough
If you do a lil' betta' I throw a lil' mo
Make somebody tell the waitress we go'n need mo ones
Hit the room wit me and Bun, it'll be so fun
Big titties big bun yea she a thugga
Pop it like a firecracker
Bet ya pimpin' love her
Take it off, spread it out, gon' head let it out
Don't be shy take yo time
Know ya momma had a fine ass daughta', I ain't lyin'
I beat it like its mine
Na I ain't sweet jones but I keep a freak on
Verse 9
Pop it for pimp (go) [Repeat x8]

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