One Take Jake

One Take Jake Lyrics Meanings
by Kami the WolfBoy


One Take Jake Lyrics

Is that my past, the night sky, or what I get for thinking I could be a nice guy
Nice try, shady acts through pipeline... now excuse me for being blunt while I light mine
Back black lives to get white wine, just know they'll never care about you at the right time
But they will cower at the difference in willpower cuz a nigga never ever rest (Everest)
On his ice climb
Smiling while I beat a nigga ass
He thought it was a joke, because I prefer to laugh
Pussy niggas always underwater tryna make a splash, but ya sub ain't got no ammo
And I'm swimming for that ass
They love to treat me like I'm unimportant
But let a nigga mention one endorsement Now they hype, and we tight like a couple corsets
Keep waiting, my wave hasn't come to shore yet
More or less, it'd be an understatement... to state that lately I ain't been one of your favorites
But if I ain't worth a text, or a DM, when you see him?
Keep that same energy when I done made it

If I was ever on your back burner sweatin in a skillet, my future bright as fuck, and guess what?
You ain't in it
My, time flies, ima ride by in something tinted
I'm venting but I hope that they offended cuz I meant it
Can y'all absorb warnings? Y'all whores boring, my flow is on torrent, I out-storm Florence
Jimmy cracked corn, but I shit on your performance
These niggas wouldn't run up for a cell if it was cordless
I might stay in rap awhile. I'm a nigga with flavor, you're black and mild
And every bar bang like Black metal, how
Heavenly lines that'd make a rap devil back-pedal
You were unpopular in school, I get it
I can empathize
I'm more than just witness but I got my fucking weight up, had to scrap
Then handled business with the girl you called a slut because she didn't let you hit it

Let me finish
No cap, Minish; You ain't special cuz you're different
I'm so far ahead you're rapping at my after image
Like kakarot, I'm the backup plot, and back up in
Do you like Gogeta bitch, you won't be coming back again
This boy nice, go 'round your throat with a cord twice
Take take ya poor life with a scoped AR in a fortnite
Oh that's ya waifu, Hacker (Hack her); Motherboard, right?
Then the flow... go wonder twin, form of ice
Your princess tells me you'd a hassle, when she (Sheik), breaks it off
I Link with her in your castle
Keys clack, and these wack fools crack smooth, but I got... gum gum pistols, and they jab
You mad too... red lantern attitude
Wally West, I will bar you in a flash, Zoom Godspeed to the ones that crossed me, cuz...
They gon feel this thunder when an elder God speaks

Heavy handed... this damn beat got a glass cheek
I'm spittin Fire like someone threw a match at a gas leak
I'm nasty on these tracks, I snap and get wack rappers gassed off crap
I put on my pad when I was half sleep
Clique mad deep, I hang with murderers and math geeks
Haters begging, Lord please let this be the last speech
I can't compete and that becomes obvious when this man speaks
Now back to me and my ability to trash beats
Pardon me as I show you a part of me, call on me
And I'll flow harder then all of Homer Simpson's arteries
Wide receiving spitter, palms open catching all the beats
And checking out your music has me catching up on all of my sleep
Used to be Banner, now I smash shit
Fuck if you ever saw my link and scrolled past it
Lowkey wanna be me, so when you see me you gotta hear something
But your actions say it practically kills you to click the share button

Lying to get laid aint the same as spittin game.
A tale for the tail? Naw, I back up what I say Through pain and the strife
I ain't never take a life, but if you comin for mine, I can start any day
Diss, you can get a 16 with the fade
Like a labyrinth, I amaze all to get paid Snakes oughta get cut
Snakes oughta shaved, so before I mow the grass, I sharpen all of my blades
With me, or against me? It been the time to choose
But I'm down to forgive the fact that you took that time to snooze
Downplay my use, but won't give me the boot cuz though you don't believe in me
You believe in what I can do
Narcissism is toxic, and the hardest to lose
Post facts in a status, bitch niggas bark at the truth
Guilty conscience for thinking I'm only talkin to you
Why they actin like loyalty's really that hard to prove

I'm walking and talking proof
Weeks without a text, then my bro will hit my shit just to ask me to kill a set
Yeah he make his own music but we understand respect
Not gon trip up another nigga to get ahead a step
Catch a body when I write, I should practice with my left
Never ran from a scrap, so you leakin me at best, and I spit rounds
So niggas who geek with me keep a vest
You niggas fucked

Writer(s): Dominic Rowland
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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