Chikaodili Lyrics Meanings
by Kanyarida

Mar 24, 2022
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Chikaodili Lyrics

Yanning logically aye is prejudiced
The poor masses are to blind to realize
Every 365 still trying to survive
Waking up steady days to disappointments or surprise

Many don sow seeds wey their bloodlines don dey reap
Big man pikin no fit talk how e be for the streets
Where I came from it's deep, if I drip joy with me
Jah blessings on my back timing and grace be the key

Chikaodili kaodili once a hustler
Dedicated to the streets only child a risk taker
Na good boy since juvenile
Respectful to his mom
No use kaodili mama play yalayai to become

At the age of 16 chikaodili dey do deals
Cold broke bloke providing for his mommy cause Mama dey sick
Steady on Colorado trapping Mary Jane in streets
Only joy was his mom, papa resting 6 feet deep

After secondary school chikaodili sabi book
Not enough income to further unilag or to chop food
Him blessings don sky lag many loads for him back
Focused on getting racks priorities placed aside

Kaodili go hk with hussle for him mind
Begging God for daily bread 'and to keep mommy alive
Many jobs he don apply, just trying to survive
Things I care about is my blood and the bag

After steady bombing with sure Grace and dating sites
Client no gree chest him lies
He don smile he don cry
He don shine Him eyes anything for the bag
Knowing Mama dey pray for him
Dey make am feel alive

After he believed
Just small time he don dey pick
50 Thousand dolls don sure he don dey reap in a gig
He commot 4 Hk. lunch Ap and biggger whip
He don dey carry girls, Hennessy a di go Adi

Mama dey villa still dey worry for pikin
Not knowing he's living large
All the rich his lavishing
She just wan hear him voice, to know about her son
She's been sick for weeks, she's not making any funds

Chikaodili balling never call mama for weeks
Hes been balling deep
No stain him bottega drips
Or He will eat you like salad
Don't mess with me you bastard
If you talk too much
I will sue you with my last card

Just few days ago kaodili reaped a rascal
Boys don dey track am
Him guys don dey rat am
Dey don dey malo for
He's been reaping common gift cards
Walai them dey para
They swear they go delete am

Months don pass by
Many areas compromised
Nobody seen kaodili he's been living ghost life
Men don make enquiries concerning him compass
Dem even use jazz but kaodili do pass

Unfortunately enough them don locate him mama
She's been trading wrapper just to eat pepsi and gala
Kaodili reap their gift cards
Not knowing them dey find am
They pull up on mama, hooligans no man check am

Cold blooded killers with their hearts on their back
Them release shots on mama kpa kpa kpa contraband
Straight kill before e she touch ground
People saw and broadcast
Mama died for a gift card, this life no balance

Kaodili heard the news
He knew what he had done
He bust into tears
To live with much regret
Life Na turn by turn if reap you go collect
Rewind like cassette
And conquer all your fears

Na so the story be o
No be like chikaodili but be like Chikaodili

Writer(s): Uchenna Onwe
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Chikaodili Meanings

Chikaodili is an Igbo name from Nigeria that means (is up to God). The song is about a boy that was trying to be successful in life but lost his way and ended up being the cause of his motherâs death

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