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Go Home With You
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Jan 1, 2008

Go Home With You Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
And let the choir sing
Verse 4
Still got a couple seconds left, you know a mean
Verse 5
See your ass on the dance floor
Verse 6
Hey yo!
They call me Kardie
F ? Ferrari
Niggas scream, whenever they see me in the party
Everything's official
You ain't gotta ask
You need a late pass
Y'all need sip punani
Bottle to the head
And I ain't sayin' much you could be one of the feds
We stay connected, above the clouds
We don't talk much but the movement speak loud, nigga
Gotta respect that
There's no choice
I'm Mr. Agua, watchadata, get moist
Girlfriend caught me kickin' with the crew
She my late night friend, butchall
Verse 0
I wanna go home with you
I wanna go home with you
(Now hear the choir say) I wanna go home with you
I wanna go home with you
I wanna go home with you
Verse 7
And we get back at 'em
Verse 8
They call me Kardie
Mr. Gasoline
World turn to (Fire!)
When they see me steppin' on the scene
And we don't buy it unless we got it ten times
This is real life, we ain't just sitting on the rhymes man
Guaranteed if you're a poser you lose
And we the future, let's hear it for the brand new fusion
Anybody can get it, there is no exclusion
'Nough questions, leading to the same conclusion
Gangsters is Gangsters
Nigga be you who be
I'm a bad man, but they still not bad likawe
I never chase 'em
I let 'em choose
At the end of the night they say
Verse 9
Verse 10
And the world say
(Choir chants)
And the world say
(More chants)
And the whole wide world say
And the world say
Lemme talk for a second
Third Verse
Verse 11
Hey Yo
Verse 12
They call me Kardie
Mr. Evolution
Now you can dance while you think about the revolution
And while you vex having delusions of persecution
I'm a stay flawless, an instrument of execution
Out of many still grows one people
Justice ? still remain unequal
And I'm a diamond in the dirt
And there is no sequel
Many try but they cannot replicate what we do
Hear evil, speak that evil
Speak good to the hood, there is no retrieval
Think about while you sippin' on your ?
If my words could talk they'd say
Verse 13
Verse 14
Now hear the choir say
Verse 15
Now hear the choir say
Verse 16
Black Jay

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