benito & twoseven
benito & twoseven

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benito & twoseven Lyrics

Baby I'll get that shit ain't enough
That's reshad jones baby
Turn me up
I got five phones

Okay it's just Juice and Los
We the bottom ghost
Spend a lot on demons made them a lot of meaner
Know when I met that bitch you know I was prada meet her
That's where I went wrong
What the fuck is J and J? That's Reshad Jones
All these girls the same call them shadow clones yeah
She say Ima fan nah shorty gotta keep her man cool
Couldn't holla at your friends baby
What Cho Aunt do?
Stop it get some help
Pussy look a whole better than my last bitch Give you that shit
Know we popping bottle until that very glass hit
She like juice this my favorite song
I said girl I know
All my other hoes say the same thing
Y'all some shadow clones
Yeah yeah
She's like thing 1
Her friends thing 2
They don't do anything without they best friend
They even share the same dick too
And I'm never the one to be chasing hoes but damn shorty I fuck wih chu
And if yo don't best friend don't gotta man then that bitch she can get it too
Gotta lotta people saying they don't they don't know if ima pull through
Gotta lotta people saying they don't they don't know if ima pull through
Guess I got something to prove not for the haters but more for myself
I used care about peoples opinions I took it too serious I wish that I didn't
Cause that shit was fucking up my mental health
Now that I'm better I'm focusing on myself
I'm on my shit I'm on the game
I don't got time anything else
I'm in my zone
Send that bitch like talon
Like them hoes now
All my bitches shadow clicks and foes now call em hoes now

Writer(s): Carlos Gonzalez
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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