Katie Tropp Psycho Babble (Intro) - Original Mix cover

Psycho Babble (Intro) - Original Mix
by Katie Tropp
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Verse 1
I invite you to come along
On a journey with me from the psycho ward
There is nowhere for you to run
Once you come inside, you come undone
No windows in this bitch, you just stuck with me
Katie fuckin' Tropp, the queen of Krazy
Don't bother praying because no one's coming
Even if they were I'd send them running
Once I open up my mouth people get scared
I'm the type on bitch who's gonna take it there
"Where?" do you say, well let me share rhese thoughts from a madman
I'm not what I appear to be to you, you think I'm cute
Until I knock your ass down, you can't refute
All the truth that I spew directly at you
Is too much to take for you lying-ass fools
I may be strapped in tight but I'll still fuck up your life
Look into my eyes, they say everything that I keep locked up inside
Building that fire, so you feel the heat from my burning desire
Turn away, I'll just get up in your face
Shove it down your throat, ask you how does it taste?
The truth is like poison to all of the fakes
So I'ma keep giving it until you go away
Not trying to be rude, just want to express my point of view
Try to get through a message you ain't used to
Your ignorance writes me off like a pen do
That's psycho-babble meant to confuse
"She's evil and crazy, she don't even have a baby so she's irrelevant"
Is what society is saying, no voice or no choice if you are a lady
You better wear a smile while they do all the raping
Have you had enough?
Well I'm still alive
The only way to stop this cunt is to take my fuckin'life
I will always fight until the end of time
For my equal rights, no matter the heights
That I need to climb to shut your ass up
I ain't the one, don't wanna call my bluff
I always back it up, no, I'm not talkin' tough
Humans don't scare me, I couldn't be blunt enough
No matter what I do, you're always gonna doubt
This is why I always gotta stand my ground
Keep moving the crowd with this dirty mouth
Pissin' you off 'cause I can't be held down
Psycho babble, I'm a wacko, and and asshole, so what?
Psycho babble, I'm a wacko, and and asshole, so what?
Psycho babble

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