Shinobi Lyrics Meanings
by Kay9, Chill Smith

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Shinobi Lyrics

I'm in this bitch like a puppy
Feeling myself give a fuck if you love me
Marilyn Manson it's bout to get ugly
I am to hot promise you cannot touch me
Somebody turn on a fan
I am wasabi I came from Japan
Talk with respect or I'll come beat your ass
Throwing shit at me you catching these hands
I am the man, watch what you saying
Me and Kay9 don't be playing
I am the realest, I am the chillest
Fun fact my first name is Willis
Last name is Smith
Please get the fuck off my dick
I will not stop till I'm rich
Oh that's your chick, she gave my penis a kiss
I gave her a stream like it's Twitch
Covid-19 it's a virus
2021 was a riot
In the capital building, it was four or five killings
Insurrection that the President incited
Black people running from the sirens
Red or blue better choose your alliance
In the booth had to choose Joe Biden

I'm given the chance and I'm charging up
Why the fuck you think my hair is so high and up
Super Saiyan dawg
Who the fuck's fighting us
Spirit bomb earth
Said you gon' hide from what?
Bitch Ima find you
In Japan they would say I'm a Kaiju
I caused the ends and survived through
So what makes you think I would die to you
I could never dawg
And that's a fact though
Dripping all blacked out looking like a shadow
A ninja shinobi
Look bitch you should know me
I cut off your head then tell your bitch to blow me
I sit at your table eat your macaroni, spumoni
Then tell your bitch later to phone me
We'll do it again cuz your house is so homey
And now that your gone I know your bitch is lonely
She need me
This year's been a shit show
Had to get the Glock it's akimbo
If anybody want it then I'm hanging out the window
Dual wield shit you don't want it better get low
We don't know what's coming next
The world fell apart it's been such a mess
Not gonna lie thought we all had the same fate
Now the sun's coming out this is Daybreak

Writer(s): Joseph Bassolino, Will Smith
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Shinobi Meanings

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