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Whip It Up

Whip It Up Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Whip it up
Whip it up
Verse 2
Don't know what you dream at night honey
Close your eyes and see
Leave the rest to me
Verse 3
I'll be stealin' in if you give me half a chance
C'mon baby let's get this dream to dance
Verse 4
Whip it up
C'mon Whip
Whip it up
Whip it up, Whip it up
Verse 5
Well it seems so sad to me, the way we carry on
Why, why baby can't we get along
I ain't deceivin' you if you ain't deceivin' me
Then someone else has lied to us Yeah
Don't deny it
Verse 6
Save it for another day
Don't save it for me
If I ain't good enought for you
Then maybe baby you ain't good enough, good enough for me
Verse 7
Whip it up baby
Just a flick of the wrist
Twist of the mind
Whip it up
Whip it up
Whip it up

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