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Battle Lines
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Battle Lines Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
And now I stand, forsaking pride
The time has come to turn the tide
I've drawn the line, I've built my wall
And I won't let one more dream fall
Verse 2
All days of innocence, I surrendered long ago
Where's the wind that takes me higher
The hand that offers peace
The heart that still gives shelter?
I want to go back to find
The innocent days that I left behind
Verse 3
I still believe they're holding ground
Behind the Battle Lines
If it takes a million miles over land and sea
Gonna swim in the rivers of purity
I know they still run free
Behind the Battle Lines
Verse 4
One more mountain I must climb
I've scaled so many in my time
And if the sun goes down on me
The light of truth will help me see
Verse 5
All days of innocence, I surrendered long ago
Where's the voice that speaks of mercy
The eyes that are not blind
The love that's never ending?
A vision of eternity Oh, Lord!
Never take the dream from me
Here I am, standing at the edge of destiny?

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