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Dirt cover

Dirt Lyrics Meanings
by Kenny Montgomery


Dirt Lyrics

I'm from that Dirt Dirt Dirt
I'm all about that Dirt Dirt Dirt
I'm throwing Dirt Dirt Dirt
I miss that Dirt Dirt Dirt
Gotta get back to it
I'm a dirt trackaholic, call it what you call it
Saturday night I am so Kenny Wallace on that Dirt Dirt Dirt
I miss that Dirt Dirt Dirt
Gotta get back to it

I've been the Kenny Wallace of the rap game, ever since I hit'm with that Dirt Track Thing
Now nationwide everybody knows my name, they're like "Momma that's Kenny Montgomery
He sings that son we like"
Yeah boy that's me, roll out the trailer I'm Flossin
Them Hoosier tires glossin, them cold kind were tossin
They know I came to wreck it yet I rarely bring out a caution
I hit the high side boy I park it for Bryan Clauson
I do'm like Kyle Larson, Watch me throw them sliders
Party in Victory Lane & Y'all boys ain't invited
Your Momma gets excited when I pull up to unload
Even your grandpa talking about "man, that boy Too cold"
We don't sit on 24's, we don't ride on spinners
I'm posted up on them 15's with platinum Dirt Defenders
Got kids up in my window "like, KMO are you gonna win it?"
Yeah, I hope y'all brought some stamps cause y'all know I'm about to send it I just won hot laps for the third week
Lil Dave said he thinks were in the first heat
So I go and check the board on my bike
Sitting outside pole, y'all know what it's looking like
W, W that's another George W
Hit'm with that half a lap, like dang what gear you running dude
And where'd you get that Firesuit? Man I like that stitchin
Velocita USA! hey, just tell Brad that I sent you
I'm shining like I'm rubbered up and I'm smiling for the pics
Y'all boys be lookin tacky while I stay looking slick
4 new rims, no new friends, they never know what I'm planning
And Momma just gave them eyes like, dang baby you looking handsome
We pray and sing the anthem, nobody takes a knee
We stop and show respect cause we're all proud to be
From the land of the free and the home of the brave, y'all better wake and get it
We're making America great again, let's go out and kick it

Writer(s): Kenny Montgomery
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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