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Dec 4, 2007

Whatevershebringswesing Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I'm looking 'round madly
for something to find
That might give se a front
To put something, something behind.
Verse 2
Just bouncing this ball
Up and down the hall
But it's full of best wishes
and suffocating fishes, and all.
Verse 3
So, let's drink some wine
And have a good time.
But if you really want to come through
Let the good time, good time have you.
It's what you've got to do.
Verse 4
You said it was foolish
for me to be sad;
But I'm very hungry, and you..
You're very well fed,
You're such a fat lady.
Verse 5
And I'm talking to you
just for something to do
'Cause I'd much rather kiss you
But I know, I'm gonna miss you
Again and again, I know I'm gonna miss you.
Verse 6
So, let's drink some wine, etc.
Verse 7
I sing to the island
That sings in your head
'Cause I know you'd much rather be there
Be there instead.
I know you'd rather be there...
Verse 8
But you won't find the answer
Even when the wind blows;
'Cause the answer, my friend
is in front..
Right there in front of your nose
Everybody knows, it's their nose.
Verse 9
So, let's drink some wine, etc. (repeat)

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