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Aug 11, 2014

Tgif Lyrics

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Verse 1
Knock knock cudi open up dis Chip
Gotta kush pack shells
And some henni we could sip
Keep a couple dolla's on
Give a penny to b****
But I'm wit' a couple ho's
Who said they really wanna get
Acquainted with some n****s
Who, ain't the average n****s
They just wanna see why
All they girlfriends be wanting pictures
I be flier then a hundred natts
Worth a hundred hundred stacks
I ain't gonna stop shoppin'
Till I hit a hundred sacks
Although that's a given
I ain't even gotta mint chain
Candy old school
Put you n****s in detention
Slabbed n****s geeked up
Tool in the cloths
I'm just a young fresh fly
Fool wit' some gold
Verse 0
Aye, what it do my dude
I'm livin' life dog what about you
And I ain't even gotta tell a lie
My swag, my steez gotta n**** sky high
So I'm, watchin' my moves
From the shoes on the cool
Be damned if a n**** ain't high to the roof
Pimp tight get it right homey more or less
Gotta thank god I'm fresh
Verse 2
Oh I rearrange faces when I drop,
I'm super duper cudi,
Candy paint the rag top
Can't nobody even tell I'm sippin' when I lean
but get me to my fans,
I'm country till decease
I stay up on my creep so to come up
Gotta look the part superstar, no stunnas
I'm a say some s*** that make you think I lost my mind
I'm the only n**** that could watch the sun and don't go blind
She fine as she wannabe
But she wanna check though
Dodging and popping pictures,
Like the hoes was working with the law
Back and shaker pictures, tryna play me to the left
Now I pick the hoes I want,
And give my n****s what is left
I don't know if it's the name or the bake on bottoms
Keep them on sleep them 501's
You can't knock em
Use ta have the Honda with the 30 day tags
That was in the past
Now I'm bout to throw 'em on the Jag
Verse 3

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