Against Me

Against Me Lyrics Meanings
by KiD Swoop


Against Me Lyrics

What’s in my heart/
Mhm don’t really feel shit up in my heart/
Nowadays love ain’t sitting in my heart/
Dealing wit betrayal I can’t sleep/
That shit so hard/
Permanent scars can’t you see/
That I’m so scarred/
Ooouuu don’t force nobody to fuck wit me/
If you rock alone, then rock alone/
Say that so simply/
Mhmmm, why they against me, mhmmm/

Bullets hit his chest/
Got em coughing like that cookie strong/
Down to do a hit, but first/
I need my A Boogie on/
You ain’t my whodie, you ain’t my homie/
Ain’t my bestfriend/
All these bald heads in this clip/
Knock off you dread heads/
All that noise in ya ear/
I knock off ya headset/
Surgical wit these tools/
That have you boys on bed rest/
Copping a plea, boy what is that/
I never did that/
Niggas in they feelings over mentions/
Inna damn stat/
Betrayal nowhere in my blood/
I’m so therl wit it/
Broken hearted how that happen/
Shit that girl did it/
What’s in my heart a box of ice/
Cause that thing got mistreated/
Treat others how they treating you/
Yes that energy needed/
Yes indeed I just need support/
So I get down on my knees/
I need answers lord/
Why my heart so big/
I’m so caring and giving/
You cut me off and call tomorrow/
I’m still open to listen/


It’s fucked up I made you leave/
And I can’t stomach you not coming back/
Loyalty and trust is a must/
But I ain’t give you that/
I guess it’s me back to these hoes/
Wit my starter kit/
You tell me it was never past tense/
Them hoes you dealing wit/
I know I cut you deep/
You so insecure cause of me/
The way we folded tryna clean it up/
Wit starch left wit a crease/
I know ya heart for me obese/
I hurt you constantly wit ease/
Every moment of apology/
Ended wit baby please/
New boys they can’t tie you down/
Forever got the laces/
Every period you saying/
I’m the sentence that you making/
Sick and tired of me contagious/
I’m sick and tired of yo anger/
But miss the way the sun hit ya/
Catching different angles/
It’s my fault and it’s yo fault/
We ain’t have to end it this way/
Pros and cons to the choices/
That we calling mistakes/
The intake of an inmate/
Is the sentencing they create/
The sentence that you created/
Usher burning the cremation/


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Against Me Meanings

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