Push Over cover
Push Over cover

Push Over Lyrics Meanings
by Kidd.T

Push Over Lyrics

Pushed me away just like a stroller after all the good I did and told her, yeah
Tell em' T, um, literally

I don't know why, but she pushed me over (over)
Pushed me away like a stroller (yeah)
All the good I did and told her, I feel hit by a big boulder (I do)
I might just blackout off Henny (blackout) because I'm barely a smoker (yeah)
That girl changed so much (she changed), it's like I don't even know her
It's like she got her guard up whenever I approach her (yeah)
I feel like all girls are snakes (yeah) that's why I remain a loner
I would never buy a bitch (I won't)
Therefore, baby I can't own ya'
Treat you like you don't exist, somebody gotta' be the grown up (on gang)
When I put my heart in shit (on God)
I don't really like to hold up
It's like I can't let you go, I just need a bit of closure (I do)
You make my mind spin in circles whenever I feel like you closer (yeah)
Everywhere I go I see your face like I'm starting at a poster (why?)
You have me burning up inside like bread too long in a toaster (toaster)
Every time I come back to you after I tell my friends we over
Can you spare my heart again (huh?)
I'm so sorry for the late notice? (I am)
It's hard to express my feelings, I'm not the type to be open (I'm not)
Gang said I ain't been myself, baby put me back in motion (yeah)
Tell me all the right things, lately I've been losing focus (I have)
You can treat me anyway as long as you don't treat me bogus (don't do me bad)
You already broke my heart, all my love just spilling over
Now my shit sound like the ocean, you hear that? (Yeah)

Writer(s): Titus T Dockery, Clayton Reed Gattuso
Copyright(s): Lyrics © MUSIC BY KIDD T, CG BEATZ
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Push Over Meanings

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