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by Killahronh

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you mad?
haters talking...
But who are you?
they called me jew thought tight with money, but i'm not
i just kno what's it's like to have and not have a lot.
What's going on with the pot because I got stock
...Trying to be ballin like Tupac
Or maybe like The Rock Dwayne Johnson
Youngsters aren't MC's neither am I
I I'm just Recording Artist trying to get a piece of the pie.
And get your attention like your eye has a sty
When I rap it's like flying in the sky or parkour free running like a black slave before
9 to 5 new age they say fuck rap
But imma still represent with my black cap
Drodian productions branded like fraternities
State of Emergency once the world has heard of me
I'm just saying when you're known world wide
Your words can make things happen no question why
Giants amongst men women Jedi
For the right cause they bring numbers like pooty pie
I'm just tryin to make the best it's no yolo
you might live twice next time do it solo
Too many uninformed haters in America
Most of them want us to leave Amerika ka ka

Haters evacuate when we all collaborate
Confused me with Lorenz Tate?!
Man how much weed you take
$100 dollars is my rate
Hungry on postmates
Tryin to save money but I can't it's like a first date
I bow down to the best but there's very few
Iv got more haters than barack and George W
I got more when I stopped promoting you and you
I did me...feces one and two
I Linked wit jizz Jones over blu moons
Got Blessed with some fuego beats by lord doom
I never did mushrooms..y'all got me tripping
I been Michael Jordan but they think I'm Scottie pippin
wait a minute..you got me fucked up
I'm just tryin to help cause someone else is gonna fuck you up!
I'm out like 3 strikes...none of my business
Im just trying to make more money and flip it like gymnist
Don't get it twisted imma still flip the script
Deleting everyone that didn't care before I made a grip
And I can't even hate on the lil yahty and his battleship
Just stop saying you're Hip Hop and there won't be shit

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