Diet Bepsi (Prod. Bendana)

Diet Bepsi (Prod. Bendana) Lyrics Meanings
by King Boolian


Diet Bepsi (Prod. Bendana) Lyrics

Oh hi, real quick I'd like to give a disclaimer real quick
This all of the work of King Boolian, not Julian Mercado
I repeat, this is King Boolian's music, not Julian Mercado

Diet Bepsi Diet Bepsi
Suck on me for five twenty
Wait a second baby
Fuck off she ain't lady
Inca Kola Inca Kola
Drink this shit give you Ebola
Oh yeah oh yeah
You know that I flow yeah

Fuck all you, dame candy
I don't know but I need bandy's
I think Imma pop Xannies
Wait a sec, gimme handies
King Of Juulin and always rulin
I smoke the fucked kush yeah we be boolin
I fucked it up and now Im fucking snoozin
I covered up and now Im fucking choosin
Oh wait!
I'm never juulin, I'm always boozin, Im always boolin
I bucked it up and now I'm only crusin
I sucked it up and now I'm never losin
You guys know that I'm a PV kid
Please don't call me a TV spic
It doesn't matter if I'm trying to go big or home
Watch out cause you might just get fucking domed
I got my shooters, they're name's Love Chat
Don't need computer, I'm on that no fap!
I'm studying all night, I'm studying all day
My brain's fucking insane, get outta my way
Call me Elon Musk cause I'm fucking in space
I'm so good when I'm in fucking space
Hold the fuck up, I need my fucking space
Hold the fuck up, I'm bouta spit your face

Diet Pepsi is the shit for me
Fuck off with that gross ass shit you like to call lean
Shitters are bitter, you really think Imma hit her?
I'm fucking King Bool, you know I ain't gonna slip her
I don't even understand how the fuck my plug talk
Oh shit, I think I just got my song blocked
Can we get some originality in this ditch?
But ain't nothing original about being a bitch
Admin listen up, if you're hearing this
It's definitely Photoshop, you definitely missed
Believe what you will, believe what you won't
I'm always for the

Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi
Suck on me for five twenty
Fuck on me but time's ending
Watch as I rise high trending
Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi

Writer(s): Julian Mercado
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Diet Bepsi (Prod. Bendana) Meanings

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