Wasgoodie - Remix cover
Wasgoodie - Remix cover

Wasgoodie - Remix Lyrics Meanings
by King Devi, D.O.G

Wasgoodie - Remix Lyrics

Sleeping is boring
Why do people only dream when they are sleep?
Halloween... why are there more tricks then there are treats?
I don't really give a fuck if you don't feature me
I can go on living life without featuring
As long as I get money to feed me and my family
Yeah feed my family

Aye, wasgood, wasgoodie
Wasgood, wasgoodie
Wasgood, wasgoodie
Tell 'em wasgood, wasgoodie
Tell 'em Aye

Wasgood, nigga wasgoodie
Walking down the block in that underarmour hoodie
Nothing but my thoughts and a little bit of goodie
Running from my problems but the devil took it to me, I'm good
Telling these bitches I'm going away, I'm going away
Trying to keep up with my heart but I cant keep up with the pace (up with pace)
Telling these bitches I'm smiling just check my face, check my face
Wreckless as I'm spending all my checks inside this fucking place
Oh my God, telling these bitches I'm gone
Telling these bitches I'm gone
Telling em bring it all back
I'm back on this track, spitting these songs
Telling these niggas we never get along

Telling these bitches we never get along
Stuck at home smoking Donkey Kong
Al that's in my head are love songs
Please leave me alone
That's why I don't answer my phone let me tell u man
I got bigger problems
That's why I'm singing cause I'm just trying to solve em
Young kids running licks like their life is a joke
Til we find em by the porch
Parents blame Five-0 when they're neglecting
Smoking crack in front of 7 year olds
When they neglecting, smoking crack in front of 7 year olds (are you stupid?)
And they wonder why they toast
Then they beat em wit a switch, turn around wonder why
They walk out the door, you turn around and cry
I don't wanna hear you cry don't lie no more
I don't wanna hear you cry don't lie no more
Only time you show up is when you're high, and wanna get higher
You just killed my vibe for the fucking last time
For the fucking last time, I wish that I could pull out the poison and detox your mind

Writer(s): King Devi
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Wasgoodie - Remix Meanings

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