King Diamond Black Horsemen cover

Black Horsemen
by King Diamond

Nov 19, 2012

Black Horsemen Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
So there they stood at the top of the stairs
Miriam in the mood, Jonathan was scared
Gazing into the dark, Jonathan saw the star
For a second he turned his back
And she was there like a ghost
She him hard and clean
To the bottom of the stairs
Verse 2
"Now we're finally alone, Miriam
Abigail is here to stay"
Verse 3
The birth of Abigail would soon be realized
The second coming of a devil in disguise
And the moon did not shine
It was darker than ever before
Verse 4
On this sacred night
The soul of Miriam was crying out in pain
Remembering the day, arrival in the rain
Verse 5
The pain of labor was so strong that Miriam died
The final seeing was a pair of yellow eyes
You can still hear her screaming
If You're walking the stairs in July
Verse 6
Riding from beyond
The 7 Horsemen would arrive before the dawn
Servants of the count, when Abigail was born the first time
Verse 7
Oh no, they found her in the sarcophagus
Baby Abigail was eating, Oh I cannot tell You
Verse 8
"Take her, and bring her
To the chapel in the forest
So go now...The ceremony
And the coffin's waiting"
Verse 9
The Black Horsemen
Verse 10
That's the end of another lullaby
Time has come for me to say goodnight

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