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No Man's Land

Apr 13, 2018

No Man's Land Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I left home
Tears in my eye
Where I was going
I had no idea
Verse 2
That must have been
The last time I cried
From that moment forward
All my teardrops disappeared
Verse 3
Yeah I'm going down
Where there ain't no one around
Nobody knows who I am
Verse 4
There's no way out
No north, no south
Here in no man's land
Verse 5
Digging for days
But no sign of diamonds
All that I saw
Was garbage and worms
Verse 6
And a glimpse of the future
The maniac horizon
A silhouette I will dance
In the lightning storm
Verse 7
Yeah, I'm going down
To the forgotten part of town
With roses and rubies in my hands
Verse 8
The fog rolls in
And waltzes with the wind
Here in no man's land
Verse 9
The time finally came
To abandon my name
Take a blind-eyed leap
Into the big old unknown
Verse 10
Someday maybe you'll find me
Like a wild Santa Claus
In a tinfoil hat
Talking on a disconnected telephone
Verse 11
But I got my crown
And I got my sacred cow
I'm a Buddha in a blazing sinking sand
Verse 12
The purple skies
Electrify my eyes
Here in no man's land
Verse 13
Tell my neighbor to water my plants
Tell the devil that I learned how to dance
Tell the angels to wait up for me
Tell the world I'm free and I'm
Verse 14
Deep in a dream
Landscape is empty
Except for one soul
She's waiting there for me
Verse 15
I fell into her arms
I faintly remember
The sweet song of salvation
The hummingbirds in the trees
Verse 16
Yeah, I'm checking out
And I'm riding on a cloud
Back to where my whole being began
Verse 17
Well, I started to speak in tongues
And swing around the sun
Here in no man's land
Verse 18
Oh, here in no man's land
Verse 19
Oh, here in no man's land

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Copyright: Kyle Matthew Thomas
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