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The Other

Apr 13, 2018

The Other Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Stuck in traffic on my way
To no particular place
No agenda, no master plan
No important dates
Verse 2
No reason to be alive at all
As far as I can tell
Except for one small detail
Like a distant ringing bell
Verse 3
And it keeps on calling out to me
Like a lost forgotten lover
So I blast off down the shoulder
To go looking for the other
Verse 4
Driving up the coast
Past the surfers and the seals
All them lonely rich folks
Who only know how to steal
Verse 5
Science can cure sickness
But what can cure my soul
It won't be long before I'm gone
Laying in some hole
Verse 6
So I find an ancient payphone
To tell my mother I love her
But she ain't home
She must have gone out looking for the other
Verse 7
Pull up off the highway
The moon is looking wicked good
I throw my keys into the breeze
And get lost in the woods
Verse 8
I think about my old man
And the mystery of time
When suddenly between the trees
I see the lake of fire
Verse 9
So I jump right in
And take a swim
In this pool of unknown colours
And as I swim I begin to brim with visions of the other
Verse 10
Found my car a few days later
After I came to
Her name was Blue Subaru 1982
Verse 11
I punched the clutch
And kick the gas
And take off in a burst
Well it wasn't long before the gas was gone
And we were overcome from thirst
Verse 12
So we found a dusty truckstop
Above the vultures hovered
And I thought it was the end
But then I thought again
And that was when I took the hand of the other

Writer(s):Lyrics © THIRD SIDE MUSIC INC.
Copyright: Kyle Matthew Thomas
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