King Yorel - Falling Apart

King Yorel - Falling Apart Lyrics Meanings
by King Yorel


King Yorel - Falling Apart Lyrics

At times it might seems like
Everything falling apart
Tighten your belt
I think is time to better your self
The devil deceives
Don't let him get a hold of your flesh
That's why I'm ducking to get me Gone be hella of a stretch
My mind is my weapon
I'm too deep get on my level
You niggas just mad my wave Jumping you stuck in a puddle
Hoping to get outI been though the Struggle, a nigga found a way out
Imagine if your life was on the line When deep down
You know you did the crime
But you ain't tryna do time
So you blame the next nigga
You ain't man for that
You's a rat nigga
You should've toke a stand for that
You was never solid all you do is pretend with cap
Broke the G code so now you gotta Pay for that
That's facts
Oh oh

Everything falling apart
There's no place to hide
So I keep my head up in the sky

If a nigga disrespect
Gotta put him on stretcher
If he don't show respect
Then apply more pressure
I don't rep no set
But I love to stack paper
So if you ain't got no check for me
Then is see you later
Wait I gotta hater
Niggas looking funny
You'll think is uncle fester
I'm so ahead of you niggas
Y'all need to catch up
I'm in a different class
With no professor
I'm flexing my bad
Your Squeeze ain't nothing
But another side piece
And she a freak
Whenever she gotta text me
I know she love it
When a nigga dive deep
I been grinding I can't sleep
They know ima threat
Like a kamikaze
I'm boutta explode
See niggas still tryna creep
Now they doom doom
Wow Say what

Everything falling apart
There's no place to hide
So I keep my head up in the sky sky

Yorel let the real ones live forever

Writer(s): Leroy Anderson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

King Yorel - Falling Apart Meanings

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