5 Minutes cover
5 Minutes cover

5 Minutes Lyrics Meanings
by Kirk Knight
feat. Joey Bada$$

5 Minutes Lyrics

I got so much
So much fuckin stress on my mind real quick holmes
Vibe for a nigga real quick, my nigga, you know what I'm saying?
Word up, word is bond and all that

Lust demons get hornier and hornier
As the kills gets gorier and gorier
From corridors to corner stores
Catch him on the block
With the orphans in the streets
Violin's playing as another black coffin
Speaks at the thought
Of another ignorant phone call
Who is this calling me at 5:47 in the morning
Crack of dawn and why she mourning
Bittersweet, hit it both ways, now I'm scorching
First things first, man
You fucking with your hearse
So rehearse who you coming at
Aye aye squintin' at Captain Kirk
Star trekking, playing my role
But still follow scenes tread
Enemies, friend up ahead of me
Show no empathy
Get smashed like a centipede
Sent to energy
Don't bug me with your sympathy
You ran a whole train on a bitch
She still suck a mad dick
When the clock tick
As I elect no cause of politic
Could you picture the damage that we inflict?
I'm staring at my own, own fucking depth
Backwoods smoking out my motherfucking chest
5 minutes to death
I'm still in bed, get high at rest
As I arrest the sex pin
My love reminisce
Learn to architect, computerize love
It's that project that'll
Shock her back to cardiac arrest

I got some problems that I can't get away from
If all else fails, know I got my day ones
I got five on it
Keep a nigga face numb
Fuck five on it My trigger finger get hornier and hornier
Finger fuck the grip til it spit on a cop
A warning shot for the warden
Holla, say the word if you want it
I'ma bring the ward in
Peep holes straight through ya doorman
My sound reach foreign
Y'all still be local, I'm in this foreign
My vocals still ain't focal
Rap game in a chokehold
I smoke those who don't know
Who could get lunged in the air by the dope flow
Matter fact, I flow dope, bars by the boatload
You said you ready for war, boy I just hope so
Let me vindicate for all my indigos and negates what I indicate
Been the great, the Flatbush renegade niggas been afraid
Squeeze the life out you rap niggas like lemonade
Yo, Kreeper say the word and I eliminate

I got some problems that I can't get away from
If all else fails, know I got my day ones
I got five on it
Keep a nigga face numb
Fuck five on it

Writer(s): Kirlan Labarrie
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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