Brokeland cover
Brokeland cover

Brokeland Lyrics Meanings
by Kirk Knight

Brokeland Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Shit I seen and eh
With the figure S, nigga
Cop killa

I smoke backwoods and dutchies
The extra dusty young fly motherfucker
Oh my god it must be
Triple-K cutter
Brooklyn life-and-deather
Cross me, be the first and last like alpha and omega
So, what's the dilemma hon'?
Niggas with hella guns
Residence medieval so watch my umbrella, uh
Bright like canella with statements like Mandela, uh
Stank-face still stainless, it's whatever bruh
Think and lead a coffin right there
We headin' AWOL
My getaway, it's that stick shift call it 8 ball
Hopped in the hot seat I'm drunk nigga
Leave you slump nigga
Don't get dumb nigga
I know it's time for change so we snatch quicker
Not measly shit I seen as a little figure
I dare some
To try to flash clothes and fair guns
Because where I'm from for amusement shoot the fair one

The mind of a Brooklyn nigga
Go Brooklyn, go Brooklyn, go Brooklyn
Brooklyn's in the house! I said nowadays Brooklyn ain't the same
And life's a scam and I'd rather be paid
Credit card by that fuckin' BOA
But if you want a couple stacks than you're going to Chase
If you play your cards right than you're heading the fast way
And them niggas in the clash just fillin' up plates
So I just keep on, reachin', lying to my teachers
With the hammer pants, I keep security cards in my sneakers
I'm heading for the trust funds, bonds, and planned speeches
All I ever knew was a ATF procedure
Transaction, gotta eat
Serving all the status
No fan could catch me that BMW fashioned
Black tinted, Mac 10
Oh yes the bitches
Circle round scan them pockets for the double digits
And these things around me make my wants money, bitches
But my conscious told me just look back and listen

The mind of a Brooklyn nigga
Go Brooklyn, go Brooklyn, go Brooklyn
Brooklyn's in the house!

Writer(s): Kirlan Labarrie
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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