Kitchens of Distinction Prize cover

by Kitchens of Distinction

Sep 2, 2003

Prize Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Well we were talking and we were drinking
Letting the fat flow go
And we were asking and we were thinking
In the belly of a bar
Verse 2
It was easy almost indifferent
Until my heckles rise
What's that you're asking if I remember?
The pub walls are dissolving
Verse 3
The guilt was thin then, his hair long
Brown to match his eyes
It's none of your business what his name was
Would I even get a prize?
Verse 4
There's been a hundred and that's not boasting
Just the ways of this world
How dare he even ask this?
These pub walls are drowning
Verse 5
Your glass is empty just like your heard
It's these times I don't know you
And how about you can you remember?
You shake your head and say drunk
Verse 6
It's a small thing why am I angry?
These words are signs of warning
Because behind them there's the implication
The pub is burning down
Verse 7
So do I get a prize for remembering that first time
Do I get a prize for remembering his name?

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