Be My Girl cover
Be My Girl cover

Be My Girl Lyrics Meanings
by Knightowl

Be My Girl Lyrics

[Knightowl (Talking)]
Check it out
First of all I would like to dedicate this song
To a very special and beautiful young lady
A lady whom in which I am in very love with
So from the bottom of my heart I speak
Only what I feel hoping that you will
Understand that there will never be another man
That'll love you the way that I do
You are my world and without life is not worth living
So please baby give me one more chance and I
The man that loves you will never let you down

Since nobody's weak like you
Baby though you know that I love you
You be the girl that I'm thinking about
Every muthafuckin day
I can't get you out of my mind
I remember the day that I met you
The day that I saw you the very first time
I knew that I had to make you mine
So I started to walk where you was at
I asked for your name
You gave me your name and number
Now you're stuck inside my brain
Cause all that I think about
Is how much I want to be your man
And spend my life with you my girl
Because I love you
We talk on the phone at night on a regular basis
But sill I haven't popped the question
Baby will you be my girl
I know that I'm the one for you
And you're the one for me just take my hand
I'll be your man together us two for eternity

I want to love you until the end of time
I want to make you mine baby don't go
You are the only one I think about everyday
I want to make you mine baby don't go
Say that you'll be my girl (say that you'll be my girl)
Say that you'll be my girl.

Nobodys ever been able to make me feel
The way you make me feel
This love is real I'll never put nobody else above you
Never did I think that a man like me
Would have a chance
But now that it's me and you I'm trapped
Inside of this romance
My world was lonely until the day
That you came along but now I am living life
With you, you are what keeps me strong
Without you life wouldn't be worth living
So don't leave my side
I hope someday you'll be able to say
That yes you'll be my bride
I've been in love with you for quite some time
And I feel so good that I got a woman like you
To love me when I need you hug me kiss me
Don't you stop
And tell me that I'm the one that you need
You are my world
So tell me baby that you want to be my girl


I know that I've done things in the past
but how long will this last
I said that I was sorry
please forgive me just give me one more chance
My life without you ain't the same
I'm learning from my mistakes
And though these heart aches
You're putting me through I need you
Baby don't go I've always been true
I've never cheated
I've always been that man you wanted
Girl you're what I needed so give me your love
Come back I'm waiting for you the girl of my dreams
Oh how unreal it seems
When you're not here standing next to me
Remember the day you kissed me
The very first time I held you tight
When we made love that night
We both knew what we did was right
Cause we was both in love
And you're the only one I'm thinking about
I have no doubt it's you the one I love
Mireya, would you be my girl?


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