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It's Over Now

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Verse 1
[Talking voice]
Yeah man, just left town man
I'm here, here
Had to get outta town baby
Where you standin' at?
You can pick me up at the round busstation
Or I can take a plane
Give me a sek and I'll tell you how it went down
Verse 2
[Kool Keith]
I stayed in New York, depressed, walkin' mad through the block
Watching brothers go down, my project friends smoking rock
My group divided and everthing was undecided
I was drinking, thinking: "Damn and my boat is sinking"
Everybody's wack can new groups comin' back
They on Arsenio, ???? on video
Watch this clownrhyme that's payed for a primetime
Everybody's mean, they're hard, they're killing mothers
Shootin' bang bang fake man killing brothers
I had to turn off the radio from all the war???
Mickey Mouse and friends all talking pop and lippy
Girls excited for what? And old ?facturated?
People got their brain washed and folks got manipulated
They start believing Donald Duck made the earth
The industry was cursed since the Dinosaur's birth
(The industry was cursed since the Dinosaur's birth)
Verse 0
2x It's over now
No problems in this world
It's over now
I'm home chillin' with my girl
It's over now
My mom was caught up in a twirl
It's over now
I'm home chillin' with my girl
Verse 3
[Kool Keith]
Flying nighttime, eating peanuts on the plane
With no moneycontrol, my stress builds on my brain
My ticket's oneway
I'm out to southern Caliway
I left behind some people that wasn't even equal
I thought back with chicks and freaks in 86'
When Marlie was in in control +the funky magic mix+
I had the limousine on hold with the real chauffeur
Ripped the ???? up with Ultra and I felt like Oprah
Girls in flocks and fans in lines from blocks
I didn't even hear a ?paperview? rappin' mister
I was your idol and probably on your older sister
Now you bad you signed stupid with a recorddeal
Your image is butt you perpertrating Shootin' Steel
Holdin' guns on albumcovers just to make funds
You the man quick fast payed out the ?anoass?
You can see I'm back and clear on stereo
with my own style, my intimite material
Verse 4
[Talking voice]
Ye, your style changed every year
Think about what you did
Used to dance, used to wear suits
Then you came back to wearing hip-hop clothes
Then you went back to wearing suits
Verse 5
[Kool Keith]
No accounted, my lawyer keepin' checks on the low
Money, expenses for trips I didn't know
Agencies finding shows I couldn't get myself
Writing rhymes at night in the house by myself
I open mailboxes, all I see was more bills
Gettin' cold chicken, walkin' down Ryan's hills
Askin' moms for 50 cent, just to pay my rent
I had no will to ill, my mind was out to kill
I called up Kurt, got a ??? signed with Capitol
Money's flowin' now wild suckas out blowin' up
They my pupic care, and pupils still growin' up
Sucking mean while the g'ism as it hits the rhythm
They want that new style, no money it's called freestyle
Taping of the radio, smokin' from a crackvowel
They on my tip now, as always as usual
You forgot me, but I didn't forget you
Verse 6
Verse 7
[Fades out, consisting of scratching sounds]

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