Koosha Azim - P3ACE OF MIND Lyrics

Feb 25, 2022
P3ACE OF MIND Music Video


Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Be a part of my life tonight
Why can't we resign
Leave our past behind
Find a new life
All these problems
Who going to solve them

I've been catching all these signs
I've been waiting all this time
Always working in my prime
Gonna climb for a minute
All I want is peace of mind
Seven chakras to the chime
Let my soul ring for a minute, yeah
Co-signed by my slimes
I'm on God's timeline
And I know when it's time, limelight finna shine
Ya I'm finna shine

Shine shine
Mama told me never touch the sky
Go to outer space, find your peace of mind
Baby come back, be a part of my
My collection ain't just you and I
Time, mind
Carbon copy God's design
Wine, I'm divine

I boss my kin up
Bitch tack shit get hit up
Lose my abs do sit-ups
Knock me down my chin up
Sober mind no syrup
SK bound I'm lit up
SK round my stick up
Watch me run a billion
Blockchain blow up cuz I show up
This my glow up, fuck my flow up
Shine shine shine
Mama told me you better put in time
Mama told me yeah you the chosen mind
Now go fuck up every vibe every damn time
My son yeah you better fuckin' fly

Alien, homo homo sapien

Writer(s): Koosha Azim
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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The Meaning of P3ACE OF MIND

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