Love Is Love

Love Is Love Lyrics Meanings
by Kota
ft. Payge Shaw


Love Is Love Lyrics

Love is love no doubt about it
But I be better oh without it
All the pain all the hits
All the slain all the slits
You think you better than me
You think there's better than me
Well hey!
Have a rude awakening
Time rolls and rolls, it's shapening
You found me
You drowned me
In the tears of my desire
You lead me
Feed me
Well you're a fucking liar
I hate you
What you do
It's torture
I scorched ya!
You say that there is nothing here
That seeing this should be clear
Yet all the time I want you near
Next to me, my only plee, my only fee
My head on shoulder like that time in the forest
When we ran from obligations
All sociations
You were with me I was with you
And I love ya, after all the stupid shit you do
Why, love is love
Find the dove
Flying through the air
Baby I don't care
Take your things, out my mind
You be fucking blind
Even if I try
All you do is lie
And I loved you, gave everything I had
Well now your gone and all I do is hate that stupid love, that I have!

Love is love
It doesn't break up
When you want it to
It just follows you
When your weak
So obsolete
And that's because
Love is love

Oh that stupid four letter word
I think it's so damn absurd
You think that it was something
It's nothin
It's just your stupid brain
Playing games
All the same
Fucking pain
Like preaching your word out unto a choir
You words be second hand smoke cause our loves a fire
You say sorry
I worry, honey that this ain't the truth
Cause your a liar
A fire it's dire, tightening my nuce
You say ya all better ooo honey this ain't news to me
Cause love letters aren't funny when oh, when its meant to be yea
Who ya think ya are
Think your cool cause your fans drivin fancy cars yea
I'm the baddest bitch, saddest bitch, got a shit, get a hitch
Yea, yea, yea
Think your cool get a hitch, in the end your still a bitch
Yea, yea, yea
I said this is Kota, who'd ya think you were messin with, mess with it
Yea, yea
Hearin my words you be testin it blessin it
Yes, yea
I'm the goddess of this all yea
But in the end I still won't answer so please don't call yea

Love is love
It's doesn't break up
When you want it to
It's just follows you
When your weak
So obsolete
And that's because
Love is love

Think that I've had enough
Well I'm just gettin started baby
You think that I'll leave your love
Well Then you don't know me, really

Love is love
It doesn't break up
Whenever u want it to
It's follows u
When your weak
So obsolete
And that's because
Love is love

Writer(s): Mason Suba
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Love Is Love Meanings

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