Krept & Konan Wait Up For Me - Interlude cover

Wait Up For Me - Interlude

Apr 13, 2015

Wait Up For Me - Interlude Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
It's actually 4 O' clock in the morning
You was meant to be home about 5 hours ago
I've been ringing your phone and all now you
Haven't even got the decency to ring me back
Come on, you have your phone on you all the time
And you're telling me you haven't seen your phone once in the last 5 hours?
I've got work in the morning but your so selfish
That you don't even care that I've been up for hours
Do you know I'm fucking fed up with your
Shit and I'm fed up of your selfishness and
I just don't need to be feeling this kind
Of stress and this kind of anxiety right now
I don't need to be going through
This because you just don't care

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