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George the Poet Young Kingz, Pt. 1 cover

Young Kingz, Pt. 1
by (Feat. )

Sep 2, 2013

Young Kingz, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
All I see is guns and staffs, guns and staffs
Mandem running up on shook ones in cafés
In year 6 man were getting level 1's in maths
Couple grams later, He's better with numbers
Getting a gun 'cos
Youngers are wetting up youngers
Parent's debt is humungous
Dead end wherever you run
'Cos hunters are setting up stunters
For stepping up funds if they don't get enough punters
No we don't want to be them old men in the bookies
Betting our funds as drunkards
Smoking loud but forgetting our lungs are fungus
Watching the effects of poverty getting our younger's youngers
Shots sound like fireworks when I wake up at night
Mum screaming out the window trying to break up a fight
I don't know anyone who was born and raised here
Spent all them days here without no incidents
So when I watch a child grow into this, I know it's not about coincidence
You go into this mad world with nothing but a phone in your hand
Just a handheld but no ones holding your hand
You can read about the ghetto and watch the film 'Roots'
But you won't get it until you cotch with real youts
Watch ghetto girls play hopscotch in little boots
Even when the food ain't top notch it still shoots
Are we like this 'cos we're here? Or are we here 'cos we're like this?
Either way life wasn't meant to be like this
But we're meant to be fighters
Fuck an identity crisis
I'll make it work myself, it's fine the world is mine
But the way you man deal with me is a myth
The only thing you want to bill with me is a spliff
Like shouldn't we be working on an empire?
Don't we have youths we gotta send higher?
I see progress, you ain't gotta try to vision
If change don't come, I'm making it my decision
That's why we got you taking the time to listen
Remember George told you we're gonna run tings
One nation of young kings
Verse 2
Remember George told you we're gonna run tings
Young nation, Young Kingz

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