Thanos Freestyle

Thanos Freestyle Lyrics Meanings
by Lakeside Boyz
ft. Bolo, OG KinKin


Thanos Freestyle Lyrics

(Bolo on the beat hoe)

Gotta get to the top
Yo bitch like to give me top
Me and Kin run the streets
Bolo back with this heat
You know me Bolo beats
All the others can't compete
Get a room, hotel suite
Make a post, then I tweet
I'm an athlete
A real track meet
Sit in the back seat
You ain't that sweet
Every time I hear gun shots I'm in the backseat
Every time I hear gun shots there goes a heartbeat
Lakeside on repeat
We never incomplete
Our songs got you so hard you feel like concrete

Chilling with my fams
Cooking pots and pans
Cooper with the hands
Prescott with the plans
No sleep, gotta eat 'fore I beat my meat
No rain, gotta brain, 'fore I hit the gains
Gotta quit 'fore I'm done
Bout ta make a run
Pass me for the fun
You ain't got no guns
Bout ta lose a tons
With this fucking shit
That I'm fucking with
Leave the fifth
For the fucking glitch
Have a heart attack
Hit the sack
With the fucking pack
Is you fucking wack
That's okay, are you fucking gay
Shooting shots like Ray
What you say, what you talking 'bout
Don't act like you got clout
I been here, chilling in the stud'
You know how we do
With my crew, drinking Mountain Dew
Making something new
Stealing flows, that's just how we roll
Scoring winning goals
For the chicks, Bolo with the mix
Boutta make some bricks
Shoutout Chepe, shoutout Bando, shoutout Rafa, shoutout Dezi
If it wasn't for my boys, I would never keep it steady

Damn Bolo fuck it up
All these shots cover up
I might have to switch the flow
Nah Kin make that dough

Spent a check on a tee
One more shot make it three
Dutch Bros for the free
Black and yellow like a bee

Bitch you annoying, you just like a flee
This drip around my neck look like the high seas

Fuck a lifestyle
I'm about ta run a mile
Jury duty, no trial
Bolo Beats got a smile

Shoutout Antwon shoutout Kyle
Got yo girl on speed dial
Lakeside Boyz the new style
This shit the Thanos freestyle

Writer(s): Emilio Anaya, Joaquin Campos
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Thanos Freestyle Meanings

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