Street Life cover
Street Life cover

Street Life Lyrics Meanings
by Bugzy Malone
feat. Laura Whiteside


Street Life Lyrics


I just wanna explain 'cause I know that nobody's told him
It's alright saying you're my father but you know family's not chosen
And we never got past our problems
Like the Playstation is not loaded
And how can I call this home
Its more like a BNB with no rooms in
Telling man close but I'm not not over the smoke
I could walk into a room and choke
Takes me back when there was no hope
We would sit with the curtains closed
So the bailiffs wouldn't think anyone's home
Some times the electric would go
Its like it was brighter out on the roads
I just wanna explain because that hes never been told
To be someones dad isn't the type of job you can finish early and go home
I was gonna write this down and send it to you in the post
But I needed the music I want you to feel this one in your soul
See when your raised by someone you gotta take on their problems
Just because you call somebody your son does not mean you can rob them
And I don't even wanna go there but who the fuck beats up children
Anyway that's not helping
What's done is done we kept moving
In a totally different direction
You brought her up to be daddy's girl
But now daddy blames the recession
And that's why hes out shoplifting
And that's my little sister
I can't stand the fact that we are drifting
We're completely different
Even though we share the same upbringing
Back when the vibe was good and
Whitney Houston was singing, "Your love is my love"
I couldn't picture anything changing
Where did it all go wrong
There's so much more to life, I don't rate it
Could've been family and that's what so frustrating Kissing the smell of a cigarette (of a cigarette, a cigarette, cigarette)
I ain't got time to rest my head (to rest my head, rest my head, rest my head)
'Cause I been living on the street life (street life, street life, street life, mmm)
I ain't got time to move my energy (my energy, my energy)
Its sticks to me like some synergy (synergy, my synergy, synergy)
'Cause been living on the street life (street life, street life, street life, street life, mmm)

I've been living on that street life (mmm)
Oh yeah

Writer(s): Laura White, Aaron Davies
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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