Next Level

Next Level Lyrics Meanings
by Laylow-TNG


Next Level Lyrics

No lie
No gimmick
You and I
Are different
No surprise
Still winning (Yeah)

The limit
Mind is twisted
I am lifted (Yeah)

Trapped N the game
No one to blame
Stuck in my ways
Fuck what you say

Next level, feast on mentals
Call me Lecter, no utensils
Stay solid with credentials
Rise up, true potential
Real reason it affect you
Knowing I will soon get thru
On the move, chase this itch
On hot pursuit, hot pursuit
Every option you will lose
Wont matter what you choose
Second guess the things you do
Don't get it misconstrued
Act a nut cause I'm a foo
Call me bishop, got the juice
Drop bombs, call em nukes
Wont be able to diffuse
Laylow here to consume
When my hit's connect you lose
Now look what it produced
Real right in front of you
Mean mugging with tattoo's
Seen as a troubled youth
My agenda I pursue
Kinda shit don't teach at school
Waking up every morning
Like I got something to prove
See no failure, I pay my dues
Come around the block for proof
Real quick to set the mood
Spark the fire to the fuse
Anty up, the price is right
Carry be the first that drew (Woo)

I'll matic, raw tactics
Arms steady, gas'n go
Passing up, and pave the road
Heavy hitting, solid written's
Neva missing, dealt the business
Right hand's, you can get it
Judgement ends sentence's
Can't restrain, a life's engraved
Seek the truth, pierce your brain's
Manifest, what you afraid
Certain, won't forget the name
Rep trapped n the game
Light the world up in flame's
Make my very own terrain
An isolation underway
Reign's over your parade
No mistake there's no escape
Play the game am known to take
Started from the time I wake
Raising level's to sedate
Now look what I became
Not the time to complain
Just sit back and maintain
See what the sickness made
Roots gutta in my strain
Mold only to create
Higher level's of insane
Make this life great again
Let's partake in the mayhem
Follow vision to the end
You'll see how far it went
Not a thing you can prevent

Witness the rise
Ain't taking what's mine
Go to battle with size
Stand alone and survive
Body built to collide
Hit the worst, don't even try
You in search for demise
Sure I'll be that guy
Seize the moment in time
These very moments alike
Which I continue to smite
Cause the feeling excite
Yes the feeling just right
Taken to the next level
Got the brains and all brawns
Ain't taking no loss

Writer(s): Edward Alcay
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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