System Virus

System Virus Lyrics Meanings
by Lee Krazii


System Virus Lyrics

What the fuck wrong wit her
I'm bout to goin' in on this one
Haha bitch

Boom boom boom body rocking in this bitch
It's going down I'm wilding out I'm 'bout to switch up on this mix
I had tried to go to bed but this rap was too tight on my head
Was in the county just rewriting all the music I've invented
All those hours to rehearse funny as fuck how I got this verse
Like what's up blood I mean cuz shit whatever you prefer
Relied on orange unless you trusted bitch that's how that system works
If I'm in yours turn me up a knot you're bound to catch fevers

Boom boom boom rock your body this a vibe
If it's in Your system and it gets you hyped then sway and rock-like I
Bang bang bang it's not a game but let it play
Just turn it up and pour a cup get low like plies and rock and sway
Boom boom boom rock your body this a virus
If it's in your system and you're getting hot then sway and rock-like I
Bang bang bang a system virus by Lee Krazii but it's okay
So move side to side and let me see you rock and sway

Back to the hype are you ready I like this verse it's really catchy
Makes no sense but I'll get paid from selling this drip from night today
On Facebook Live, I was watching Plies and I realized that he was a vibe
If he'd oppose facts on my song if I get my copyrights
Okay that's Krazii with a k let my sentence be the reason
It was March 6, 2020, at 8 o'clock in the evening
Didn't know the time for real was living a life with nothing but time to kill
Corona under construction but this was body virus built

So you're afraid to the party due to the Coronavirus
Radio bumping Biggie and Pac as one that shit will give us fevers
Debating on quantity or quality who's the best lyricist
Well I'm getting hot let this give you chills through your speakers while you listen
What the fuck wrong with her
I know they're gonna start the asking
That's gone be my LLC bout get liability for rapping
So please do me the honor of voting for my lyrics
My expenses kind of tight so hopefully I get clearance on this virus

Writer(s): Rikita Mason-Childers
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

System Virus Meanings

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