Don't Feel Like Myself

Don't Feel Like Myself Lyrics Meanings
by Lil Cheeto


Don't Feel Like Myself Lyrics

Tired of losing myself
Feel like Im in hell
Soon I will prevail
Time will only tell

Pop another pill
Tell me how you feel
In a car but ain't got no wheels
Running fast got the devil on my heel
Honestly that's how I feel

I feel like I'm losing my mind
But honestly I gotta stick to the grind
I'm telling myslef I'm saying it's fine
I'm telling myslef I know it's a lie

How bout I be what you want
How bout i do everything that I don't
How bout I do everything just to stunt
How bout I do everything just front

How bout I get me a coupe ouu
Riding around with my screws loose
I made it this far like who knew
I got me the sauce like barbecue

Going down a path I shouldn't
Roads are paved of gold who wouldn't
Tryna find myself I couldn't
Nothing really gets me moving

Pain is my anatomy
Happiness is mad me
Leave my soul to never be
Something that it has to be

Tell me what's the point of living
Half of y'all a never get it
They don't like me who I'm kidding
I got vision and I'm driven

My whole life I've been masked up
This lonely life got me gassed up
I'm getting things I can't pass up
I'm too far they can't pass us

Row row I'm rowing my boat
I'm doing my best just give me a toast
I'm living it up I'm doing the most
But Lately I feel like I'm cruising in coast

I've been down I rlly hate it
Feeling that my soul too vacant
Look at that we finally made it
I can't wait till I can say it

Writer(s): Elijah Kibbe
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Don't Feel Like Myself Meanings

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