Demon Mode (Intro)

Demon Mode (Intro) Lyrics Meanings
by Lil Droplet


Demon Mode (Intro) Lyrics

Walk in this bitch and I feel like a demon
Hanging with shooters my niggas be creepin
Call me lil droplet but I'm in the deep end
Off of the acid and shrooms I'm geekin

Popin a tab, do it for no reason
I'm rocking hoodies no matter the season
Smoking on pack got me coughin and wheezin
Vvs on my neck and it be freezin

In my own universe feel like I'm Steven
Livin the life that you lil niggas dreamin
Got yo bitch In my dms she be feindin
She at the crib got her cookin and cleanin

Got yo bitch falling in love with my semen
You a broke boi you think life is uneven
Not talking money so why is you speakin
I'm going demon mode cause I'm a demon

Fucking yo bitch put her legs on my shoulders
Everyday I'm getting getting stoned like a Boulder
Rockin these diamonds they making me colder
Vvs on my neck look like a chocker

I keep a firearm just like a soldier
Found out yo bitch is a hoe I don told ya
I got the paper just like a folder
I take yo bitch them im finna folder

Fuckin that bitch yeah she love choke her
Fucking on bitches even tho they older
Keeepin the pack on me cause I'm a smoker
Drivin this whip I do not need a chauffeur

Mixing the lean with the mf soda
Got you bitch calling me master like yoda
She finna sit on this dick like a sofa
How you gon Flex when you drive a Toyota

I'm not a teacher but she call me mister
After she suck on my dick you done kissed her
She in my dms I act like I miss her
I'm trynna slide just to fuck on her sister

Stackin the money so I'm getting richer
Nowadays they wanna take a lil picture
All of these diamonds be making my wirst hurt
Fuckin yo bitch she in love when I whisper


When I dive in the pussy I'm making it splash
Countin the paper in the love with cash
Told that lil boi just to hop in his bag
Nowadays I'm walking round in this raf
All of this money I flex on yo dad
That be the reason yo mom wanna smash

Dunk on a nigga I'm feeling like shaq
Smoking on blunts why you smoking on blacks
This ain't supreme I go shopping at sakes

Say you my Brody but I know it's cap
Fuck on yo bitch and then I do tha dash
That be the reason why you niggas mad

Writer(s): Michael Mendoza
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Demon Mode (Intro) Meanings

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