Lil Menace, Rocky Padilla Forever Mine cover

Forever Mine
by Lil Menace & Rocky Padilla

Forever Mine Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Mija I know we've been through a lot of hard times you know
And you always stood by my side
And I'm sorry I never told you
If I love you or whatever but
This song's for you
Verse 2
When I look into your eyes
It makes me feel real good
It's like mija now you wonder why
This crazy love will never die
We can find any ? Damn right you'll Still be forever mine
I'll wipe those lil tears from your eyes
Please don't cry with only you will stand beside me
When I was torzido you were the only one there for me
I thank you for your time and your love
Damn you mean so much to
And there's no other hyna in this world to take me away from you
This I know its true you're my love bird
And without you I'm through
So I wrote this song just to let you know what you mean to me
Me & you
You & me
Fulfilling each others fantasies
This will never die
I'll promise I'll stand beside you
Forever I love you baby
Forever mine
Verse 3
Oh you still don't believe me
Mija I told you I'll be there for you don't worry
I don't gotta have to... You know
I don't have to show it to you every single time
You know what I mean
But just know that I do love you baby
You know what I mean
At night I always look up to the stars you know what I'm sayin
There beautiful... But you know what there not as beautiful as
Verse 4
Till death do us part thrill me with all of your charge
You're my latin queen never leave you lonely
You mean so much to me
When we make love we make all the birds
Forget the bad things only the good times we share
Can make us happy
why mija tu sabes whenever you need me I'm here I'm not
Like those other vatos who left you alone
I won't disappear
Tu eres mi mami, mi angel, mi amor
why tus besos bienen with sabor
Baby don't think I'm only trying to waste your time
Your nombre is on mente till the end of time
Forever mine
Verse 5
So tell me what's on your mind now mija
Now... you know I love you right?
And like I said I'm sorry for not telling you before
But I know you knew
Know what I mean
I know there's gonna be like a lot of ...
A lot of trouble in our relationship
But I promise you one thing
No matter what I'll never let you down
I love you
to the end of time

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