Alpha Anthem

Alpha Anthem Lyrics Meanings
by Lil Princey


Alpha Anthem Lyrics

Had to hop over fences
And climb up the ladder

To get what I want
Bitch I'm just getting badder

They tried to tell me I would never be shit
Look at me know body built like a brick

Sleep all you want but I`m chasing my dreams
Everything I do is fucking supreme

Came from the hood ain't shit sweet about me
And I graduated, got my degree

Growing up, didn't like how they treated me
But this pandemic really put heat in me

Growing up, they mentally fucked with me
Now I`m up, bitches look up to me

I am her HER I got YAH on my side
These demons don't phase me
I'll never hide

RIP to my late great DAD
Look fuck the blood, ED was all I had

I was ordained with Summa Cum Laude
I did it my 4 Packs hot like a Latte

A lot of you bitches are mentally ill
You cannot ride with me I am too real

Niggas they see me they lie on my clit
Act like they fucked, Dey never hit

Yup you gonna listen up to the kid
I`ma big dawg these puppies should quit

Gem lifting weights
An Unpolished diamond
Im in first place
I leave em silent

Never judge a book by its cover
Got all my credits, that's discover

When it get HOT, they run from the grid
I'm in the POT, please pick up the lid

I had to turn myself into a boss
One day, I'll be signing off laws

I had to get through this life all alone
I`m like ET, Ima phone home

Sorry baby don't believe in love
Yeah, I used to but that shit was a dub

I'm so numb, I don't feel a thing
I'm in the jungle, bitch I'm a King

My energy worth more than money can bring
They killing my vibe
They energy cheap to me

You cannot buy it
My wave is a frequency

Fear no man, tatted on my wrist
Love is pain like a bullet from a clip

A female should never be alone
If she is she's getting to the throne

If I can make my way out the hood
Then you can too, you gon be good

Niggas be trying to dog a bitch out
Sis take the exit get off the route

Niggas keep chasing big booty
Them hoes not loyal
They fake and they groupies

Real love, gotta come from within
You gotta love the skin that you in

And Fuck what you heard
A Queen never settles
She get's the bag, like Nipsey Hustle

Want submission safe and protected
Niggas don't get it teach em a lesson

If you treated me badly
That sucks for you
Cause you cannot have me

Me and my energy
We are three people
We are an entity

We are a vibe and
You cannot get to me

Tryna read me
Is like reading calligraphy
Poof y'all are history

Writer(s): Princess Hill
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Alpha Anthem Meanings

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