Lil Wayne
Lyfe Jennings Brand New cover

Brand New
by (Feat. )
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Verse 1
See you need to focus man
But my girl ain't got snobby, stuntin' like her Daddy
Vroom on her Yamaha, she ride me like a Kawasaki
I call her little buddy, sometimes I call her shorty
She only wears dresses, she sleep in Ed Harty (ya dig?)
It's young Weezy, the 80s baby
And we can get together make 80 babies
Now the house, brand new, the car brand new
But you're still the same old you
And that's why I love you
Verse 2
Girl, from the moment that I saw you, I knew you were the one
Though, we didn't have a lot of money, we still had so much fun (so much fun)
No, matter where you are you'll always be my superstar
If it wasn't for your love, I don't think I'd have gone this far
Verse 3
(Proud of you)
Baby, you never got brand new
Yo, baby, 'cause you never got brand new
Verse 4
I, remember livin' in the projects
I, remember spendin' welfare checks
That, something you never never forget
How could I abandon you now?
You'll always be a superstar
(You will always be)
No matter where you are
(My heart has never felt this before)
Verse 5
(Proud of you)
Baby, you never got brand new
Yo, baby, you never got brand new
Verse 6
Baby, we came from nothing
And we turned it into something
And we never ever act like,
We're too good, we too bougey for the hood life
Real recognize real, and you know this
Living with me in the streets and the show biz
(Now everybody know your name, and they caught up in the fame)
(You still the same, nobody can keep up with you, yeah)
Verse 7
(Proud of you)
'Cause you never got brand new (all the money)
You never got brand new
(proud of you)
Baby, you never got brand new

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