No Conclusions
No Conclusions

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No Conclusions Lyrics

Paranoid delusions, mind zoomin'
Through the fucking dark
Bunch of sharks guard the gate
Ocean waves right out the lake
Fuck the start, I'm okay
No conclusions for the way I
Think about it day to day
Fragile mind so keep it safe
No lower neurosis, I'm schizin' out
Hope for the best you can go with
I'm out in the open
Swarmin' of locus and pouring of potions
My psychopathology makes me the chosen
What I've discovered is driving me crazy
Been stayin' up lately, I can't keep my head up
And there ain't no saving me
The phoenix has taken me
Let the deity forsaken me
In the light, bending time
Leave you paralyzed
Crucified in the mind
Fuckin' purified
Specialized in the signs
Leave you terrified
The last thing y'all are is civilized
Creepin' around I get closer
Your feelin' my presence, composure
They call me the open exposer, I know
Your feelin' the woe-ness take over
The true insanity composer
Fuck with the family, the clover
I'm all on the chemicals, no good intentions
Forgot what it's like to be sober
Go for days and days without
Eating or sleeping just smoking and drinking
I can't even think about thinking
My mind is another dimension
Extensions to all of the time I've been wasting
Fuck all the rules and the regulations
I do as I wish and this place is vacant
I look for a tool to help maybe break out
But I've been told by the folks to just stay down

Off with your head, I despise of you
Feelin' the dark and the dread, it's surrounding you
Bitch I will sharpen the lead for igniting you
I'm making sure that your dead if I'm fighting you
Never put forth what is that of the killer inside you
Or else your unchangeable
People manipulated and then calling it freedom
This is rearrangeable
Maybe the system is broken but no one will notice
They live in a world that's constructed of bogus
I'm coming real and now everyone thinks
I'm the one with a problem but I'll actually show it
I just want life to be life without glasses
That blind me from everything right, your all plastic
Ensure the madness, this what you want?
Because I guarantee you this is gonna happen

Writer(s): Gabe Parsons
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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