Venality (Persona Deceaced)
Venality (Persona Deceaced)

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Venality (Persona Deceaced) Lyrics

Quite deranged, venality
It's hard to say "Get out of me"
A false mistake has taken place
And everyone's surround me
Shadow bright, just use the light
It's darker now
Drive the whip and park it, now
It's dark and cloudy, go around
Tormented mind, It's a turret inside
In the morning, it's bright
But the cold weather bites
I hope that I might make a move
And despite what you do I'm alright
With the method in which I decide
Holding my throat with a rope, maybe once you
Come over and push me right over the line
Coke, as it snows, catch the shit in your nose
Imma go, now your up and there's voids in your eyes

Eager to sleep, blowin' reefer, that's me
In the speakers, you see I can't even compete
Shadow sleep in the creek but he live in the
Beat of my choosing, the Uzi is oozing, it's stupid
Herbal combustion, it's nothing, surrounded by
Open discussion but fussing, compiled by
Ignorant decisions, all twisted and conflicted
Speaking in disagreement now I'm fleeing
No need for a meeting just leave me to be
Eager to see everything you have decided for me
Tuss in the drink, sippin' to sleep
And then smoking to breath
Persona deceased
Fuck boy gonna make a bet and no regret
Out in the west and none the less
Servin' sets and grippin' Tecs
Serpent creepin', he be sleek, an easy mystery
Composing a track, it's for the symphony
Leanin', let me sip in peace
Blind and maybe deaf to my ability
Nowadays this shit's created simply
Movement in sight, aim the pipe and goodnight
To the wildebeest, silent surprise
If we die, there be no revive

Writer(s): Gabe Parsons
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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