Lick Back
Lick Back

LincTheDrumma, M3.Paw, Young Cinco - Lick Back Lyrics

Dec 1, 2021
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Lick Back Lyrics

Throw the ps up then we skrt off
Sliding through that 9 bro spot a opp and let that switch off
Ion like to fuss I got more bodies than yo big dog
She a set em up a bad bitch but she on fentanyl

We was in the trenches flipping niggas talking big dogs
Catch em leave them spades out like yo jewelry take that shit off

Riding up in traffic with that draco in this hemi truck
I spot a nigga loafing on gang we gotta hit em up
Five percent on everything them windows they be tinted up
Stalking niggas cribs catch em loafing we gone bend em up

Catch a opp that's a face shot we gone do a drill leave the jakes hot
Catch us posted up on Nate block
Doo popped out with like 8 Glocks

I just popped a perc so im turnt up
We just caught a opp he got burnt up
When I touch a mill then we goin up
You don't got a bag I ain't showing up

Niggas say they out but we don't see y'all
Let em drop the lo then wydie hop out with a doose dawg
Let em make a diss 223s gone knock his roof off
Beam on the Glock sit on yo nose he look like rudolph

I was sliding on the opps and I ain't even know y'all
Paw hop out the whip and swing that Glock just like he O-Dawg
Dissing trilla Travis line him up and knock his fro off
Steppin just like Leon just like Franklin make that smoke fall

Catch him loafing that's a headshot leave a masked face that's a dead opp
I remember days in the trap house me and lincthedrumma getting slams out

Catch him lacking get blammed on
Like Blake griffin how I slam on him
Tryna up the score for la bro nem
If we see the beef we gone smoke shit

In the boot now with the stick on me
Gotta watch my back nigga switched on me
All type of shit gotta switch on me
And the stick sing like rich homie

Writer(s): Gerald Smith, Shadon Boothe, Young Cinco
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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