Flopped cover
Flopped cover

Flopped Lyrics Meanings
by Link Pellow

Flopped Lyrics

Hey Link how you feel today
It feels like i got bills to pay
So imma kill the game
Young man sell bricks real estate
My team gonna eat or imma steal the plate
Imma steal the plate like Jackie Robinson did
I knew she was mine for we got to the crib
My shit is top tier whatchu got on the kid
I started my brand boi i got in the biz
Imagine if i would of stopped when you did
Nah homie that's not us
I got that dope boy i'm slangin my product
And talking bout drugs boy this music's narcotics
Came from the slums youngin' spittin' that logic
Don't know how i got it my brain is robotic
I make music daily you know nothing bout it
And shouts outs to Dre I be smokin' that chronic
Bitch i been real from the start i'm on point like a dart
Aim in the dark i'm still hitting my mark
You ain't on my level why you acting smart
I smoke by the ounce bro you trees looking sparse
I kill em for practice you dont wanna spar, bish
You isn't an artist your musics retarded
I swear that i'm heartless i had a catharsis
I'm sippin' my drank while i'm watching the stars shift
Now back to the plot
You couldn't kill me if you had a clean shot
When my album drop imma stay on the top
Because I gave it all that I got you while you flopped

I'm just saying man you motherfuckers cant fuck with me man period

You moving too slow I ain't fucking with you
If I ain't great yet what do I gotta do
Even back then all my family they knew
That id make it blow up and bring all my crew
You talking too much I cant kick it with you
If I ain't the best I got something to prove
Planted a money tree who would of knew
That lil link would come water that bitch til it grew
Now hold up the kings coming through
Broke in the game now i'm paying my dues
The system is rigged in my favor so fuck all the haters
I'm taking the throne i cant lose
Y'all faker than politics that's on the news
Just actors that's tryna get people confused
I'm blowing up now I just lit up the fuse
So if you're in my way id suggest that you move

Well that's just fucking great man, now what the fuck are we supposed to go?
Its game over man game over

Writer(s): Link Pellow
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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