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Focus Lyrics Meanings
by Link Pellow

Focus Lyrics

Yo I never gave a fuck and I ain't about to start
Why you talking out your place G just chill and play your part
I just do it cause I love it I just do it for the art
Now we're about to burn the world down it started with a spark
Want a war? I got soldiers. I stay high never sober
Tryna cop a rover keep it real fuck the posers
They used to talk shit when i showed them my music
They told me everyone's a rapper why you tryna pursue this
But not every bodies me not every body can do this
They aint got it like I got it they cant fuck with the movement
I got a gold peice around my neck to let em know that i'm the man
I remember we was hustling selling OG by the gram
Now im getting bands but i keep it on the low though
I did it on my own I never needed major promo
I do this shit for hip hop I gotta get this dough though
And no one wants to help I had to do this shit all solo

Drinks for every body we gon celebrate, pour up
I been diggin shawty since the 7th grade
Overdue she let me hit on the 2nd date and
Even if the record skips imma let it play
Even if the polygraph runs side to side imma set it straight
Baby get me high imma levitate, Girl
You're like my meds that I forget to take
I need em but don't wanna see em no more
Looking at my phone you ain't in my DM's no more
We got classes both AM and PM for sure
You real scandalous trying to even the score
Trying to tell myself that I even meet you before
Life and death will you do or die
If they're falling for the newer girl or newer guy
No note they didn't rule it a suicide
You can see the signs my nigga you decide
You see tears in the eyes in the bluest skies

Writer(s): Link Pellow
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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