Lord Knows cover
Lord Knows cover

Lord Knows Lyrics Meanings
by Link Pellow

Lord Knows Lyrics

Can't leave rap alone the game needs me

No one sees my vision I dont take advice
Everybody really thinks they great huh
No ones gonna listen till your papers right
And thats only cause they're trying to ride your wave huh
Some people write rhymes and some people blow smoke
Some people sniff them white lines and some people shoot dope
Anything to numb the pain when you start to lose hope
I'm too broke my moms cold I can't afford a new coat
And its killing me, it kinda makes me wanna load up
Grab a ski mask hit the streets and fucking go nuts
A successful mind state turns to crime rates
You cant get back what time takes and thats real shit
And fuck these bastard cops killing folk for traffic stops
I do it for the kids that never had a pot to piss in
Young and smoking legally I've got my pot prescription
Got the docs permission to get this stoned so yall can stop your bitching
Man im not just spittin bullshit on these beats
This is real shit im talking every fucking time i speak
I grew up on these streets bitch I wont settle for defeat
Ask about me round my city and they'll tell you i'm a beast yeah
So let me dumb it down real quick
How come they only like trap shit and that trill shit
Cause lately XXL dont cover real shit
And if I aint talking bout all that bullshit they wont feel this
I broke into the game and i aint playing fair
Dreams of tour promoters paying my plane fair
Still got the same pair of dirty nike grey airs
Started from the bottom motherfuckers thought that I'd stay there damn
This industry is crooked
I told them what I wanted then i went out and I took it
Everybody started from the ground right
You're feeling down your homies they aint around right

I make moves and boss all across the world I got cheddar to blow pockets never get low
I make moves and boss all across the world I got cheddar to blow pockets never get low
I make moves and boss all across the world I got cheddar to blow pockets never get low
I make moves and boss all across the world I got cheddar to blow pockets never get low

Riding on my way to school again I missed the bus
Might just cut it with my hooligans and get a blunt
Cause I aint learned a thing in school bro I dont give a fuck
I'd rather write some bars a little melody and wicked drums
My grades droppin... but its all good im bout to get the stage poppin
Them 808s knockin
They sell your kids a CD of lies just to gain profits
And then they put your cash and your mind in the same pocket
So what I smoke weed bitch so does half the states
Just mind your business while I rap over a classic break
On that's just great now they're showing some support or something
I've been rocking mics bro I've been nice like way before the mumbling
Nice guys finish last but that bad don't win we never do
I spent all of my cash on weed new hats and some Giuseppe shoes
Just throw your money on the floor life ain't nothing but a store
Till they start another war they don't think were nothing more

Writer(s): Link Pellow
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Lord Knows Meanings

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