Lisa Callingham, Deb Mitchelmore, Cherine Peck She Loves To Hear The Music cover

She Loves To Hear The Music
by Lisa Callingham, Deb Mitchelmore & Cherine Peck

She Loves To Hear The Music Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
She's just a secretary
At a small recording firm
When it comes to music
There ain't nothing she can't learn
Verse 2
And everything she lives and breathes
Is written on an album sleeve
She can tell you who's hot
Who will make it and who will not
Verse 3
She loves to hear the music
She's got every lyric down
She loves to hear them say
She's got the greatest ears in town
Verse 4
Hangs around a studio
Ain't a rock star she don't know
Sometimes they take her home
But she always wakes up alone
Verse 5
Men that want to marry her
Never satisfied
In rythms that she hears
All that keeps her high
Verse 6
So they turn around and go
And leave her by her radio
She didn't love 'em anyway
Not like she loves the men who play
Verse 0
She could of been somebody's wife
Music men destroyed her life
Each night she took one home
But she always woke up alone
Verse 7
Years will not be kind to her
Her world is for the young
Bands that played so tightly and knit
Will soon become unstrung
Verse 8
She'll be just another face
Out of town and out of place
When the songs revive again
She'll come to life and tell them when

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